Sagintayeva Aida Kistaubayevna is the chief executive director of the Higher School of Education of Nazarbayev University. She began her career as a teacher at the Taraz State University named after M.Kh. Dulati. She also held such positions as Head of the International Cooperation Department at Taro State University named after Dulati, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Financial Affairs at the Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilyev, President of JSC Center for International Programs. She was also involved in the work of the Ministry of Education and Science in the implementation of the three-tier education system and the Western type of doctoral program. Since 2013 to the present day she works at the Nazarbayev University and is an Associate Professor of ENU named after LN Gumilev. Aida Kistaubaeva is the author and co-author of over 50 scientific papers and publications on linguistics, foreign language teaching, administration in higher education, the internationalization of higher education and educational policy.

Supervises and participates in research projects of the Department of Science of the Higher School of Education:

  • Research project "Improving the content of secondary education in Kazakhstan in the context of modern reforms" (2014 - 2016).
  • Research project "Development of models of best practices of academic management and administration in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan" (2014-2016)
  • Research project "Development of models of the best practices of internationalization of higher education in Kazakhstan" (2014 - 2016).

Selected publications in recent years:

  • Sagintayeva, A. (2014) Education Reform and Internationalization: School Reform in Kazakhstan / Educational Reform and Internationalization: The Case of School Reform in Kazakhstan. Editorial Board of Cambridge University, 2014.
  • Sagintayeva, A., Kurakbayev, K. (2013) Internationalization of higher education from Central Asia: in the context of Kazakhstan / Internationalization of higher education in Central Asia: the Kazakhstan context /. V.Stisney, M. and Gore, T., (2013) Identifying Trends and Drivers of International Education. London: Emerald. (in the press)
  • Sagintayeva, A., Kurakbayev, K. (2013) The Impact of the Global Higher Education Ranking on Public Policy in Kazakhstan: Challenges and Prospects. IREG-6 Conference Proceedings: Academic Ranking and Progress of Higher Education - the experience of Asia and other regions. Taipei, April 18-21, 2012.
  • Sagintayeva, A. (2013) Phraseological units in different-structure languages: typology and national-cultural specificity: Scientific publication. Astana.
  • Sagintayeva, A. (2012) Impact of world rankings of universities on higher education management and policy in Kazakhstan / The Impact of Global University Rankings on Higher Education Management and Policy in Kazakhstan. Assessment in Higher Education, HEEACT &Airiti Inc. 6 (2), 2012.
  • Sagintayeva, A. (2012) Conceptualization of the world in a lexical system. All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference, October 19-21, 2012 «Kazan State University» Department of General Linguistics and Linguistic Culturology of the Institute of Philology and Arts of KFU, 2012
  • Sagintayeva, A. (2011) New University Management and Traditional Academic Freedom / Modern university management and traditional academic freedoms /. Conference of Modern Trends in Education -2011. Collection. November17-18, 2011, Astana, Kazakhstan.- Astana: Foliant, 2011.-168 p.