Nationality: Kazakh

Year of birth: 1959

Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, doctor-therapist, endocrinologist, organizer of public health services of the highest category

Education  Higher Medical degree

1982 Medical Institute of the Labor Order of the Red banner of the Tomsk city. Pediatric faculty. Specialty: pediatrics

1982-1983 Clinical internship in pediatrics

1988-1991 Clinical residency in pediatrics and endocrinology in Tomsk Medical Institute (TMI)

1991-1994 Postgraduate study at TMI

2013-2015 MBA, International Academy of Business

Overseas studies

1996 Steno-center, Copenhagen (endocrinology)

2005 Moscow (therapy, endocrinology)

2006 Minneapolis, USA (diabetology)

2011 St. Petersburg (clinical therapy)

2012 Israel (Health Organization)

2013 Berlin, Germany (Health Organization)

2013 Kaunas, Lithuania (organization of cardiac recovery service)

2014 Tokyo, Japan (healthcare organization, gerontology, metabolic syndrome)

2017 Salzburg, Austria (diabetology)

The most important stages of work

Work experience:

1983-1988Maternity hospital of Tomsk city - neonatologist

1991-1993 Doctor-endocrinologist of the regional children's hospital in Tomsk city

1993-1994 Doctor-endocrinologist of the Republican Diagnostic Center of Almaty city

1994-2008 Doctor-endocrinologist, head of the therapeutic and somatic departments of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical Center of the Presidential Affairs Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2008-2017 Deputy Chief Physician for preventive treatment

2017 until present time Vice-President for medical work of JSC "Central Clinical Hospital"

Scientific activity

1994 The dissertation of the candidate of medical sciences. Tomsk city

2005 The dissertation of the doctor of medical sciences on a specialty "Public health and public health services", Almaty city

2006-2017 Participation in international annual congresses EASD, ATTD

Scientific papers: 135 papers published, including 3 monographs, 1 teaching aid, 7 study guides and recommendations

Pedagogical activity: Associate Professor, Professor of the Department "Policies and Health Organizations" of the Higher School of Public Health under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Training of science personnel: 4 students with the defense of master's dissertation papers

Professional skills and knowledge:

•  Experience in medical, pedagogical, organizational and research work, GCP

•  Knowledge of the peculiarities of the medical and preventive work organization in large multidisciplinary hospitals

•  Negotiating experience

• Knowledge of foreign languages: English, Kazakh – spoken language; German - with dictionary

•  Computer skills- advanced user

Additional information:

•  Communicative, with proactive life position

•  Focus on results

•  Stress resistance

•  Striving for development and professional growth

•  Hobby - tennis, mountain skiing