Bozymov Kazybay Karayevich was born in February 16, 1949 at Saksauyl station, Aral area, Kzyl-Orda region.

He received higher education from Western-Kazakhstan agricultural institute, graduated cum laude in 1976.

His further working career is connected with the aforementioned institute, where he become from being an assistant, a postgraduate student, acting associate professor of the department of private livestock, a dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine, all the way to being the a Rector of Western-Kazakhstan agricultural university named Zhangir Khan.

He obtained Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in agricultural science from Siberian scientific-research and design-technological institute of Novosibirsk in 1982 and in June 1994 earned his Doctoral degree in agricultural sciences. The decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kazakhstan in 27 September 1996 awarded him the title of professor in «Animal husbandry».

Professor Bozymov is author of more than 260 scientific and scholarly publications, including monograph: «Kazakh white-headed breed of cattle» and «Camel breeding», «Akzhaik meat-wool breed of sheep and best ways to improve it», «Efficiency of the genetic potential of the Kazakh white-headed breed of cattle for beef production in pure breeding and crossing», textbooks: «Workshop on the anatomy animal-based cytology, embryology, histology» and «Equine and camel recommendations, instructions on the problems of selection, increasing productivity and breeding qualities of farm animals», books: «Erlіkke tagzym» and «Quality management system in education», «Zhangir Khan - Reformer».

Professor Bozymov has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students and has supervised 5 Ph.D, 1 Doctor of sciences. He continues to be actively engaged in research for improving the reproductive capacity of cattle in Western Kazakhstan.

Elected an academician of the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, International Engineering Academy.

Member of the accreditation board of the independent agency for accreditation and rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

K.K. Bozymov was awarded the Order of Kurmet, the President badge «Barys», medals «For military valor», «10 years of independence of the R.K.», «550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate», badges «Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «For Merits In the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan» and the Ibrai Altynsarin Medal for significant progress in the upbringing and education of the younger generation.

 K.K. Bozymov is the head of a number of scientific republican topics on meat cattle breeding, the head of the working group on the international theme: «Improvement of the Kazakh white-headed breed of cattle and the formation of perspective related groups and lines», carried out jointly with scientists from the All-Russian Research Institute of Beef Cattle.

His work  for a breakthrough in the field of animal breeding (insertion of a new zone type and the creation of two lines of the Kazakh white-headed breed of cattle) has resulted in 5 patents In the period from 2010 to 2017.

Was elected trice as a deputy of the regional Maslikhat is chairman of the permanent commission on regional maslihat economy, planning and development of infrastructure.

Under the direction of K.K. Bozymov had constructed building and staffed with modern scientific and educational equipment at the level of European standards of the scientific research institute of biotechnology and nature management, the machine-building faculty for 1000 seats.

The campus of the University was equipped with an autonomous system of gas supply and heating, a sport and recreational complex «Niva» for students and employees of the University for 200 places was completely reconstructed. A major overhaul of the complex of educational buildings was carried out and furniture, equipment was renewed, new machines and devices for laboratories were purchased. Particular attention was paid to the landscape design of the campus and visual agitation. A monument to Zhangir Khan was erected, a museum and the Alley of Primary Schools had opened.

There are also built: a comfortable student house for 560 person, 72 and 44 apartment houses, a student medical center; Children's preschool institution «Zhangir Khan».

A scientific-educational-production complex «Breeding farm for breeding of Akzhayik meat-wool sheep» was established, where more than 6000 heads of breeding animals are concentrated.