On July 18, 2017, Director of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating A.B. Zhumagulova visited the Andalusian Knowledge Agency, Department of Evaluation and Accreditation (AAC-DEVA), which was located in Cordoba, Spain. The main purpose of the business visit was to get acquainted with the office and employees of the...
On June 21, 2017 representatives of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) took part in a round table organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia at the International Specialized Exhibition Astana Expo-2017.
Under the EXPO-2017 auspices the World Congress of Engineers and Scientists WSEC-2017 "Energy of the future: innovative scenarios and methods of their implementation" was hosted in Astana on June 19-20. Among the co-organizers of the World Congress is the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR).
On June 15-16, 2017 in the IAAR conference hall the IAAR conducted meetings of the Accreditation Council to review materials and take decisions on institutional and specialized accreditation.
The International Seminar UI GreenMetric was held this year on June 15 at the Kazakh National Agrarian University. The seminar was attended by representatives of 20 foreign higher education institutions from 10 countries and 50 Kazakhstan higher education institutions. ...
The first meeting of the IAAR Supervisory Board took place on June 6, 2017 in Almaty with all members of the Council w represented.