Independent agency of accreditation and rating

Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan was created in 2011.

Nonprofit establishment «Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating» is a nonprofit organization which has a status of a legal body, created to improve the competitiveness of higher education institutions, also technical and professional organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on national and international levels by conducting the procedures of accreditation and academic rankings.
The Agency is nongovernmental and nonprofit organization whose main purpose is not to gain profit.
The purpose of the Agency’s activity is to provide organizational and technical maintenance of the conducting procedures of institutional and specialized accreditation of educational institution, to elaborate standards and criteria for accreditation, to carry out the rankings of higher education institutions, technical and professional organizations.


Contact information:

Republic of Kazakhstan Astana, Baurzhan Momyshuly avenue 2, EP-4G

Phone: +7(7172) 76-85-59

Fax: +7(7172) 76-85-61 

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